Exciting moments and highlights from ICC World Cup 2023 India

In 2023 the ICC men’s cricket is hosted in Bangalore. The Foreign Ministry of Pakistan has decided that the cricket team of the country will travel to India to participate in the ICC World Cup 2023. The decision comes as Pakistan was threatening to take away from World Cup after India cleared that it will not travel to Pakistan for Asia Cup 2023.

The foreign ministry of Pakistan is well concerned with the security of cricket teams and stated that politics and sports should not be merged. The press release added that the decision showcases Pakistan’s constructive and responsible approach and India’s intransigent attitude and believes that politics should not stand in the way of fulfilling international sports obligations.

Pakistan’s decision shows its constructive and responsible approach to India’s uncompromising attitude, as the latter had refused to send its Cricket Team to Pakistan for the Asia Cup, the release added.

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